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During the winter of 1944 Morgan had a fire that severely burned a female. An ambulance was called out of Ogden, Utah, to transport the patient to the hospital; however, it was the following day before they were able to respond. As a result of the delay, the patient died. The Morgan County decided it was time to purchase an ambulance for the themselves. The first ambulance was purchased in February of 1944 for the cost of $1,688.

Morgan Ambulance is licensed to provide Intermediate level ambulance service to Morgan County. It is one of the smaller counties in Utah covering just 610 square miles, most of which are mountains and has a population of about 9,000. They respond to about 300 calls per year; most of the patients are transported to Ogden-area hospitals. Many of our calls are from I-84 which runs thru Morgan County from Weber Canyon to the county line at Henefer. The county area extends to the top of Big Mountain where it meets the Salt Lake County line and can be up to a 40 minute response time. During the summer we run to East Canyon a lot, weekends are especially busy with many of those transports either going over Big Mountain to Salt Lake City hospitals or being flown out by medical helicopter. Lost Creek Dam is another recreational area that can include a transport time to the hospital of an hour.

Morgan County hosts the famous Widowmaker Motorcycle Hill Climb in the summer, and snowmobile hill climbs in the winter where you will see Morgan EMT's perched high on the hill equipped with climbing gear, ropes and rescue equipment.

Morgan Ambulance is staffed by 20 EMT's half of which are Intermediate level. The Supervisor is the only full-time employee with other duties assigned. The remainder of the EMT's are part-time paid volunteers and respond from home or work. Many crew members have been on our service for 10 years with some serving 20 years or more.

Morgan Ambulance Supervisor

  • Terry Turner
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