Intermountain Medical Group Clinics are part of the Intermountain Medical Group which brings together more than 1,000 multi-specialty physicians and clinicians employed at physician clinics, as well as urgent care clinics such as InstaCare and KidsCare, and WorkMed occupational health clinics throughout Utah.

As partners, physicians at Intermountain Medical Group Clinics lead efforts to improve clinical quality and the delivery of care that contribute to the Intermountain organization as a whole. Experts in practice management handle the business side of the doctors' practices, so physicians can devote themselves 100 percent to providing the best patient care we can offer.

Our network of experienced doctors, surgeons and caregivers strive to provide clinically excellent healthcare through a wide range of services, in a quality setting where patient needs come first. As patients move throughout the Intermountain system, their medical records are electronically available through secure access to aid in medical care, minimize wait time and eliminate unnecessary duplication.

Most Intermountain Medical Group Clinics offer extended hours, full-service family care (including children's and women's services), radiology and laboratory services, minor surgical procedures, and health education classes. Some of our larger clinics also offer pharmacies and physical therapy services.

The Intermountain Medical Group governing board, composed of volunteer board members who are practicing physicians, addresses difficult clinical and ethical problems that require critical and thoughtful evaluation. Physicians practice medicine through an integrated system where cooperative interchange between physician clinics, hospitals and health plans, are both rewarded and encouraged.

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