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The Budge Clinic has been part of your Cache Valley community for over a hundred years. Our doctors, nurses, and staff are here to offer extraordinary care through a range of healthcare specialties and services. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more safe, welcome, or more at ease, please let us know. Welcome!

Personalized Primary Care

Budge Clinic's pediatrics and internal medicine departments offer Intermountain Personalized Primary Care, a patient-based, individualized model of care. Our pediatricians and internal medicine doctors lead a team of healthcare professionals who are your partners and advocates. Learn about Personalized Primary Care.

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View Budge Clinic's most recent ratings for customer satisfaction and clinic performance. Ratings apply to our primary care clinicians only.

Budge Clinic Internal Medicine Award

For two years in a row, the Budge Clinic Internal Medicine department has earned a Physician Office Healthsight Quality Award. Read more...


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Intermountain Medical Group Clinics are comprised of over 1,300 doctors and clinicians representing more than 35 medical specialties. We have over 185 clinics in Utah communities including Logan, Ogden, Bountiful, Salt Lake, Murray, Sandy, Provo, and St. George. Learn more. ​​

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We strive to help you feel welcome and comfortable during your visits.
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Budge Clinic
1350 North 500 East 
Logan, Utah 84341 
Phone:(435) 752-0422Fax:(435) 753-0401Toll Free:(800) 748-4617Hours:Mon thru Fri 9AM - 5PM
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