Herefordshire Clinic Pharmacy

The Herefordshire Clinic Pharmacy is conveniently located within the clinic.

The pharmacy accepts most insurance plans, offers competitive pricing, and has short wait times. Our friendly staff members make every effort to become familiar with you and your needs.

Clinic patients can have their doctors send their prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, or prescriptions can be brought in from outside physicians. We can even help transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies.

Refills have never been easier. Visit us online to request your prescription refill and track your refill status from the comfort and convenience of your home computer or smart phone device.

Our pharmacists provide pertinent, practical information about the proper use of each patient’s medications and offer additional services such as drug counseling, drug interaction analysis, and drug utilization reviews.

Phone: (801) 387-8215
Fax: (801) 387-8245
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. Closed Sunday.

Online Prescription Refills:

Our pharmacists provide pertinent information about the proper use your medications.
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