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Our physicians offer advance care planning. Advance care planning (advanced directives) means thoughtfully considering a time when you may not be able to make healthcare decisions for yourself. This time may never come, but the thinking, sharing, and recording you have done will still be valuable. Advance care planning can help clarify your values and put your mind—and your loved ones' minds—at ease.

Our allergy department provides consultation, testing, treatment and continuing care for allergies and allergic conditions, plus testing and treatment for disorders of the immune system.

Phone: (801) 871-6333Fax: (801) 871-6320
Phone: (801) 871-6000Hours: Mon thru Thu 11AM - 5PMFor Central Billing, call 801-442-1900.

Our dermatology department specializes in treatment of diseases of the of the skin, hair, and nails. We offer a full range of services, including acne therapy and skin disease diagnosis and management.

Phone: (801) 871-6300Fax: (801) 871-6320

Our gastroenterologists promote work with you to help heal and restore balance to your digestive system and promote overall digestive health. We also endeavor to promote healthy practices proven to keep your gastrointestinal system functioning at its best

Phone: (801) 871-6300Hours: Thu 8AM - 5PM

We accept walk-in appointments for non-life threatening conditions, such as; broken bones, cold or flu, cuts and abrasions, earache, infections, nausea, nose bleeds, sore throat, sprains or strains, stomach aches

Phone: (801) 871-6400Fax: (801) 871-6444
Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine doctors provide long-term, comprehensive care and manage common/complex illness of adults and the elderly. We care for routine and chronic medical problems and can diagnose and treat new medical problems.

Phone: (801) 871-6100Fax: (801) 871-9150Hours: Mon thru Fri 8:30AM - 5PMSaturday hours vary. Please call the clinic for availability.
Lab Services

We offer a full service lab for our onsite physicians. Please contact your physician's office for all laboratory results.

Phone: (801) 871-6450Fax: (801) 871-6454Hours: Mon thru Fri 8:30AM - 5PMSaturday hours vary. Please call the clinic for availability.

We specialize in healthcare from birth to young adulthood. Our pediatricians provide newborn care, comprehensive medical care for routine, acute, and chronic medical conditions, immunizations, sports physicals, and mental health conditions.

Phone: (801) 871-6200Fax: (801) 871-6250
Physical Therapy
Phone: (801) 871-6350

Our podiatrist, Dr. Annemarie Edwards, treats diseases and injuries of the foot and ankle.

Phone: (801) 871-6100Fax: (801) 871-6150Hours: Mon thru Thu 8:30AM - 4PMPodiatry is option 1.

We offer diagnostic x-rays for our patients' convenience. Please contact your doctor for all radiology results.

Phone: (801) 871-6450Fax: (801) 871-6454Hours: Mon thru Fri 8:30AM - 5PM
At Holladay Clinic, our pediatric services include newborn care, immunizations, pediatric psychiatry, and physicals.
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