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Our Services

Family Medicine

Our board-certified family medicine physicians can provide most medical care for patients of all ages. Services incorporate preventive healthcare including basic cancer screening, well-child care (and immunizations), comprehensive physicals, care for acute and chronic conditions (related to heart, lungs, intestinal track, rheumatologic diseases, etc.), care for muscle and joint sprains and strains, lacerations, and simple fractures. Most skin conditions may be treated at the clinic including skin cancers, precancers, warts, and moles.

Phone: (435) 635-6500
Fax: (435) 635-6549
Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM


It’s after office hours, or you haven’t had time to establish a relationship with a physician yet. Your child has a fever and you’re not sure you should wait it out. Now you can access urgent care from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the InstaCare in the Hurricane Valley Clinic. Clifford Dunn, MD and Susan Myers, MD, are the InstaCare providers. If you need to be established with a physician, the staff at the InstaCare can help you connect with one of the many excellent physicians in our community.

Phone: (435) 635-6550
Fax: (435) 635-6564
Hours: M-Sat 9AM-9PM


Physical Therapy

Physical and occupational therapists at the clinic can help patients return to their best possible physical function following injury, illness, or surgery. Services include lumbar and cervical decompression with our Triton decompression table, a medical treadmill with “unweighting” (for herniated discs and sciatica or unstable walking), whirlpool (for wound care and extremity treatment), a multi-axial platform for dynamic ankle rehabilitation (to restore strength and coordinated motion after fracture, surgery, or sprain),and an addition of two more treatment rooms with improved features and modalities for relaxation.

Phone: (435) 635-6480
Fax: (435) 635-6499
Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM

Medical Imaging

The clinic features sophisticated imaging equipment including digital X-ray services, multi-slice computed tomography (CT scanning), a mammography suite, and ultrasound. To schedule any of these services, please call 435.251.1777.

Phone: (435) 635-6469
Fax: (435) 635-6463
Hours: M-F 8AM-9PM  Sat 9AM-9PM

Lab Services

The Hurricane Valley Clinic Lab is an extension of Dixie Regional Medical Center’s Lab Services. Any patient, including those that are not patients of Hurricane Valley Clinic’s family practice and urgent care services, can have lab tests collected with an order from their doctor. Some of the collected tests are done in the facility and others are sent to Dixie Regional for processing. Patients can now have their lab testing done closer to home.

Phone: (435) 635-6468
Fax: (435) 635-6463
Hours: M-F 8AM-9PM   Sat 9AM-9PM

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