Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Saline or silicone gel breast implants are used to increase fullness and cup size. Incisions can be placed in the breast fold, at the areolar border, or in the axilla (armpit). Implants are usually placed under the muscle. Size of implants is based on careful measurements of the breast and patient preference. Dr. Isom will explain the options available and pro's and con's of each.

Breast Lift

Mastopexy or breast lift is used to restore a more youthful breast shape.  Sagging breast tissue can be repositioned to provide more fullness in the upper breast.  If the nipple has descended below the level of the breast fold, a lift is usually needed to give the best breast shape.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is used to relieve chronic neck, back and shoulder pain from heavy breasts.   Besides reduction in breast size, the breast is also lifted and has an improved shape. Breast tissue and fat is removed to relieve pain symptoms,  but enough breast is left to fit your frame and look natural.  Most insurance companies will pay for breast reduction if you meet certain criteria.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia or enlarged breast tissue in men is a common problem. It affects up to 20% of men and can be addressed very effectively with liposuction and removal of the glandular breast tissue.  Most cases can be treated through two 5mm incisions minimizing any signs of surgery or scars on the chest.

Breast Reconstruction

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be life altering.  Fortunately, most breast cancers are found early and are very treatable.  Breast reconstruction can provide excellent esthetic results after your cancer is cured.  Implants or your own tissue can be used to reconstruct a natural appearing breast.  Dr. Isom is happy to discuss all your options before mastectomy to help you make an informed decision in treating your breast cancer from start to finish.  He will work closely with your breast cancer surgeon to provide the best care possible.

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