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Alan Brown

For most of his life, software executive Alan Brown had experienced occasional problems with fainting. He had undergone many tests and was incorrectly diagnosed as having a seizure disorder.

During the ​Health and Fitness Institute's comprehensive health evaluation, Alan fainted during an exercise EKG stress test. Dr. Frank Yanowitz, medical director of the Health & Fitness Institute and board-certified cardiologist, determined that Alan's heart had stopped temporarily. Alan was immediately admitted to the hospital for further testing where it was determined that he had a condition requiring a pacemaker.

Since receiving a pacemaker, Alan's fainting problem is gone. Being in the right place at the right time, and having access to LDS Hospital's world-class medical team, contributed to Alan's diagnosis and quality of life.

Dr. Wally Brown

Dr. Wally Brown, a retired endodontist, has a history of active living. He's even climbed Mt. Rainier. Twice. However, over the years his busy practice, coupled with family and church obligations, led to an inactive lifestyle and weight gain. Wally heard about the Health & Fitness Institute and decided it was time to change things. He has since completed four comprehensive health evaluations over 15 years, resulting in an improved diet and a more active life. In fact, Wally recently completed a marathon and walked over 1,000 miles in the past year - all at the age of 70.

Jim Clark

Jim Clark was a senior executive with a company that encouraged their key employees and spouses to have annual comprehensive health evaluations. Companies rely on talented individuals whose skills and knowledge are hard to replace, so keeping them healthy and productive is a top priority. Jim took full advantage of his company's benefit. By following personalized guidelines provided by the Health & Fitness Institute, he has improved his overall fitness level and met his goals.

Jon M. Huntsman

I've been to some of the finest medical centers in the world, and I think the facilities at the LDS Hospital's Health and Fitness Institute are as fine as I've seen. I don't think there's any question that it saved my life.

Marian Ingham

Marian's motto is, "The more you live, the less you die." Yet she had never had a comprehensive medical check-up. Enjoying retirement and wanting to life a full life, she decided now was the time to make her health a priority. The Health & Fitness Institute gave her the tools to do it. Marian was so impressed with the quality of her experience that she now readily refers all her friends to the program.

Jeff O'Neill

The comprehensive physical examination at LDS Hospital's Health and Fitness Institute is truly a comprehensive program. During the initial exam, they tested things I had never even thought about. I had back surgery in 1987. When they looked at my posture during the exam, they recommended some specific exercises to maintain and strengthen my back.

The exam doesn't take a lot of time. Basically, you spend a half-day at the Health and Fitness Institute and you are done.

The staff is highly professional. They treated me in a manner in which I felt they really cared about me. I could tell they had done their homework. They read notes from previous years' visits and gave me updated information specific to my personal health. It's definitely a good investment with tremendous value. With today's health care costs, the more you can prevent potential problems, obviously the better off you'll be in the long run.

Nancy Ortiz

Nancy Ortiz, a successful businesswoman, has always lived a healthy lifestyle, focusing on good nutrition and regular exercise. But she often wondered if she was doing enough. Participating in the Health & Fitness Institute's comprehensive health evaluation gave Nancy the reassurance she needed that she was, in fact, medically fit. Nancy benefited more than physically - she also gained peace of mind.

Scott Slaymaker

Diary of a Mid-Life Checkup

My father, Norm Slaymaker 1933-1995, Founder of The Slaymaker Group, Inc: Friday's, Winger's, and Tucci's, passed away of cancer at age 62. He never had the opportunity to watch his grandkids grow up. Even though we built a successful business and did everything possible to prolong his life, to this day I still feel cheated. It made me think, "what can I do to make sure I live as long and as healthy as possible?" I wanted - no, I needed to know how.

My FAA flight status required me to take a physical every couple of years. Yes I passed, but I always felt the evaluation should have been more thorough. I wanted an exam that would serve as a benchmark for my physical condition as well as screen for any early signs of cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. Closing in on age 50, I wanted a mid-life checkup. My search led me to the Health and Fitness Institute at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

When I called to schedule my comprehensive physical exam, I learned it would take about six hours. "Six hours!" I thought, what would they do with me for that long? I received a packet of materials at my home that included medical history and nutrition questionnaires, and an extensive health risk appraisal. I was instructed to fast for twelve hours prior to the exam and to bring a swimsuit and exercise clothing.

7:45 a.m.

  • I checked in at the Health and Fitness Institute and was taken to the hospital lab where a skilled phlebotomist drew samples of my blood. The battery of tests they ran on my blood included analyses of my cholesterol levels, heart disease-related blood inflammation, liver and kidney function, screening for infection, anemia, and diabetes, to name a few.
  • A pulmonary function test followed, the results of which turned out great. No signs of asthma or obstructive lung disease.
  • The registered dietitian used an intriguing machine to scientifically determine my caloric needs, or basal metabolic rate, as she called it.
  • I donned my swimsuit for a body composition analysis. The exercise physiologist explained everything in great detail, so being weighed underwater and sitting in a computerized air displacement chamber were fascinating. The body fat reading showed that some of the weight I've gained since high school was muscle, but the majority was fat. It was nice to know my ideal body weight based on my body composition instead of a standard table.
  • A light breakfast afterwards prepared me for the morning of tests and evaluations.

9 a.m.

The hour I spent with the board-certified physician made me realize how many factors influence my health. We discussed my work, family, diet, stress, physical activity and genetic and personal medical history. The exam included important tests to check for early signs of cancer and heart disease. I was concerned about skin cancer because it runs in my family, but none of my moles appeared to be a problem - at this point. My blood pressure was low and all my internal organs seemed to be functioning as they should. The doctor reviewed and explained my lab results. I enjoyed the unhurried opportunity to have all my medical questions answered.

10 a.m.

My orthopedic evaluation with the physical therapist was more revealing than I had expected. My desk job had created some postural changes that could eventually result in orthopedic problems if I didn't start making some changes. I scored well on the computerized muscle strength tests but my flexibility wasn't what it used to be. I was given some specific exercises to improve my posture and prevent further problems resulting from an old basketball injury.

10:45 a.m.

The treadmill exercise stress test estimated my aerobic capacity and let me know how my fitness compared to other men my age. Every three minutes the treadmill got faster and steeper and it was challenging to see how long I could last. A board-certified cardiologist measured my maximum heart rate; no major heart rhythm abnormalities or early signs of blockage in my arteries were found. The exercise physiologist gave me a personal exercise prescription.

11:15 a.m.

I wanted to lose the 20 pounds I'd put on since high school and my cholesterol was a little high. A registered dietitian gave me insights into the changes I'd have to make to meet my goals. We discussed ways to reduce the saturated and trans fats in my diet and to eat more fruits and vegetables. She unraveled conflicting reports we all hear about what and what not to eat.


The morning of evaluation ended with a healthy, relaxing lunch. (I was given the option of having my wife join me for a complimentary lunch and to stay for the review of my test results.)

1 p.m.

My final session for the day included a review and written copy of all my test results, professionally printed and compiled in a personalized binder. It focused on specific recommendations to make a difference in my physical well-being. The exercise physiologist explained how to use the "Owner's Manual for the Human Body" that is given to all exam participants. This easy-to-use guide visibly shows a year-by-year timetable of what I need to do for good health based on my age. Most of all, I learned there's a lot I can do to prevent disease and optimize my health through regular medical exams and healthy lifestyle practices.

My mid-life exam exceeded my expectations. It turned out to be the most comprehensive physical I've ever had and a surprisingly enjoyable experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a longer, healthier life.

Salt Lake City couple after health evaluation at Health & Fitness Institute 
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