Cardiovascular & Metabolic Risk Reduction

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk Reduction services include an assessment of specific risk factors for heart disease. Treatment of these unusually high-risk lipid profiles is done in collaboration with patients’ primary care or referring doctors. Treatment options may include medications and therapeutic lifestyle changes, such as diet, physical activity, weight management and other behavior modification that contributes to better health.

A team of healthcare professionals including doctors, registered dieticians, nurse educators and exercise physiologists help patients meet their risk reduction goals.


Heart4Life is an educational course for people with coronary artery disease, or those who have risk factors of heart disease. Patients who have recently been hospitalized for an angiography, a CABG procedure, a heart attack, or other coronary intervention are likely candidates to be recommended to the program by their cardiologists.

Heart4Life is a six week program in which patients get hands-on information from a team—including a doctor, dietitian, exercise physiologist, and nurse educator—regarding health management of their personal cardiac risk factors. People with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and other chronic conditions can benefit.

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