Our Services

The mission of the LiVe Well Center is to enhance the health of individuals and the community at large.

We perform comprehensive physical examinations, provide lectures and seminars to interested groups, support preventive health programs in the community, and pursue answers to research questions relating to health promotion and disease prevention.

    Executive Health Exams

    A thoroughly comprehensive health exam including blood tests, EKG, orthopedic evaluation, body composition analysis, lung function test, and nutrition consultation.

    LiVe Well Center Assessment

    In seven steps, the LiVe Well Center Assessment can help you Get Well, Stay Well, and LiVe Well for the rest of your life.​

    Cardiovascular & Metabolic Risk Reduction

    Our services include the Heart4Life program and an assessment of specific risk factors for heart disease.

    Sports Medicine and Sports Performance

    We advise athletes of all levels, and we provide physiological and biomechanical assessments to improve sports performance.

    Weight Management

    Our weight management services help overweight individuals set and keep personal goals for eating and exercise.

    Bike Fit

    We adjust your bike to fit your body and riding style, using dynamic video analysis; putting you in a comfortable, ergonomic position, that will help with your injury history or medical condition.​

  • Diet and Nutrition Coaching

    ​​Our individual nutrition education sessions with a registered dietitian include a complete assessment of your overall nutritional status, medical history, and dietary habits, including where, when and what you eat.​​

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