Consultation/Care for Complicated Pregnancy

Our staff members provide consultative services in which they work in concert with the referring obstetrician to care for women with a wide variety of pregnancy related complications. Our doctors evaluate pregnant patients who have pre-existing medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, or other medical conditions.

We also work with patients who experience complications of pregnancy such as multiple gestation, preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. Recommendations for ongoing management of these conditions are offered to referring doctors.

Maternal-Fetal Consultation Services

Consultative services are offered for the following pregnancy related conditions:

  • Preterm birth / Premature rupture of the membranes
  • Multiple gestation (e.g. twins, triplets)
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Preeclampsia
  • Hyperemesis gravidarum
  • Cholestatsis of pregnancy
  • Polyhydramnios
  • Oligohydramnios
  • Medical conditions complicating pregnancy:
        - Hypertension
        - Diabetes
        - Seizures
        - Antiphospholipid syndrome
        - Deep Venous Thrombosis/Pulmonary embolus
        - HIV
        - Hepatitis
        - Red Blood Cell Alloimunization
We consult with patients on pregnancy-related conditions including multiple gestation, recurrent pregnancy loss, gestational diabetes, and other medical conditions that complicate pregnancy.
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