Mohs Surgery

Introduction to Mohs Surgery in Salt Lake City

Mohs surgery is performed at Salt Lake City's Memorial Clinic by Dr. Jason Hansen. Mohs surgery is a specialized and highly effective technique for the treatment of skin cancer, especially basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Developed by Dr. Frederic E. Mohs, the technique named in his honor differs from other skin cancer treatments by offering immediate and complete microscopic examination of the removed cancerous tissue. Precise excision of the skin cancer preserves the greatest amount of healthy tissue allowing for an aesthetic and functional reconstruction. This meticulous approach has made Mohs surgery the skin cancer treatment with the highest reported cure rate.

Your Mohs Doctor / Surgeon

This cutting-edge treatment, though developed in the 1930s, should be performed by a doctor with highly specialized training. The doctor serves as both the surgeon and the pathologist. Doctors performing Mohs surgery should have specialized skills in dermatology, dermatologic surgery and dermatopathology.

In addition to a dermatology residency, Dr. Hansen has advanced training in Mohs surgery and reconstruction through an accredited Mohs surgery fellowship. He directs a team of specialized nursing and laboratory personnel.

Preparing for Your Appointment

In preparation for your upcoming Mohs surgery appointment with Dr. Hansen, take some time to review the Mohs FAQs and Mohs Surgery Steps.

You may also want to print and fill out the medical history form to bring with you to your appointment. 

Additional Mohs information and educational materials are available in Patient Resources under the "Mohs Surgery" tab.

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