Your digestive system is a highly complex and very important system in your body, and, when it is not functioning properly, it can cause some very serious health problems. If you are experiencing mild to severe problems with any portion of your digestive tract, our highly trained and specialized gastroenterologists can help diagnose and treat the issue.

Except in rare cases, we only accept patients that have had their physicians refer them to our gastroenterology clinic. Once you are referred, we can help to treat or stabilize your condition.


Gastrointestinal disorders come in thousands of different forms, but we are ready and capable of handling almost all of them. Our current services include but are not limited to:

  • Treating irritable bowel syndrome
  • Performing colonoscopies
  • Treating diseases of the esophagus
  • Performing upper endoscopies
  • Evaluating and treating motility disorders
  • Treating liver disease

We also can perform screenings for various chronic conditions such as Hepatitis C.

Implementing Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, having a gastrointestinal disorder can force you to make some changes to the way you live your life. You might not be able to eat the same foods or move in the same way that you were once able to. However, our gastroenterologists are sensitive to these problems and can help you implement medication plans and important lifestyle changes to keep you both happy and healthy.

If you have a condition where you cannot eat specific foods, our specialists can refer you to a dietician who will help you plan out eating strategies that will work for you. Here at Memorial Clinic, we focus on one-on-one care that enables you to be in control of your condition. Ultimately, we want to help you and improve your overall health.

If you have a gastrointestinal problem and have been referred to our department by your primary care physician, we welcome you to meet with one of our highly educated staff members.

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