Hip Arthroscopy

About Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

The hip joint is the last large joint to be addressed with minimally invasive techniques such as arthroscopy. During the hip arthroscopy surgery, the surgeon opens up the joint space in order to improve access to the damage within the joint. Through 2-3 small portals, the surgeon inserts a small camera to assist in identifying and repairing the Labral damage and then reshapes the ball and socket to create a better “fit”. Most hip arthroscopy procedures take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the extent of the damage to the hip.

Arthroscopic surgery has been used for many years in the knees and shoulders; however, hip arthroscopy is a newer technique and is part of a hip preservation program offered at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital.

By offering hip arthroscopy, Dr. West aims to slow down or alter the natural course of hip pain, so that undergoing a total hip replacement becomes unnecessary. Hip arthroscopy is proving very successful for the treatment of FAI. It generally allows individuals to return to their active lifestyles within 4-6 months after surgery.

Hip Arthroscopy Surgery Recovery

You will be up on crutches within the first 24 hours after surgery. Depending on the actual surgical procedure, crutches may be required for the first 2-4 weeks. Rehabilitation with a qualified and experienced physical therapist is an essential part of a patient's recovery.

Returning to all activities may take 4-6 months, during which time the physical therapist will continue to work on increasing your core strength and restoring your hip's range of motion. Returning to sedentary work or activities can resume 7-10 days post-operatively, and you can stop using crutches when you are able to walk without limping.

“It is very gratifying to see how much impact this treatment can have on one's quality of life. TOSH has a very complete program for diagnosing and treating this problem.”
     - Dr. Hugh West, Orthopedic Surgeon

For further information, individuals may call TOSH in Murray, Utah at 801-314-4900 and ask to speak with Janet Pugh or Diane Daley.

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