Ganglion Cysts

Patients suffering from a ganglion cyct often report strange "bumps" that cause pain in the wrist. A ganglion cyst will typically place pressure on the nerves of the wrist and may cause moderate pain. Continued overuse of the wrist following the formation of a ganglion cyst may cause it to increase in size. Pain and inflammation associated with a ganglion cyst can be reduced by resting.

Ganglion cysts are pockets of fluid that form around the wrist joint. They can form either on the under-side of the wrist or on top of the wrist. Although they may be uncomfortable and visually unappealing, ganglion cysts are usually temporary. However, some ganglion cysts may require medical attention or even surgery.

Causes of Ganglion Cysts in the Wrist

There is no direct cause for ganglion cysts, although women seem to get them more often than men. In addition, gymnasts and others who put heavy stress on their wrists also seem to be at more of a risk for ganglion cysts.

Additionally, if you have had a ganglion cyst on one wrist, you are likely to have one on the other at some point in time.


Primarily, the treatment for ganglion cysts is non-invasive and will require that you rest your wrists. This resting period may include a wrist splint or brace to make sure you do not put stress on the nerves around your wrist.

If the ganglion cyst is causing so much pain that you are kept from your regular activities, our orthopedic specialists can perform aspiration, which is a process where the fluid is drained out of the ganglion cyst. In severe cases, a ganglion cyst can be removed surgically. However, even after surgery, there is still a risk that it will return.

If you have a painful or embarrassing ganglion cyst that you want a specialist to look at, talk to one of our orthopedic hand and wrist specialists today.

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