Sometimes we can take for granted how much our knees do for us. They carry the brunt of our weight as we go about our daily lives. Even people who might not engage in much physical activity can have knee problems later in life, depending on their genetic structure and their environment.

When you have a problem with your knee, it can cause pain and impede your ability to walk. The physical activities you used to enjoy might become too painful or strenuous. To stop your knee problems from dictating what you can and cannot do in your life, it is best to see an orthopedic knee specialist.

Orthopedic Knee Care

Knee problems and injuries are quite common and our orthopedic specialists have a lot of experience diagnosing and treating this type of injury. No matter what kind of knee surgery or rehabilitation you need, our surgeons, doctors, nurses, and physical therapists will make sure that you make a full recovery.

Our orthopedic surgeons perform the following knee surgeries:

In addition, our orthopedic specialists can look into what might be causing your knee pain, whether it is caused by an injury or something like arthritis. Though it is sometimes difficult to figure out where exactly your knee pain might be coming from, our doctors are experts at finding the source of the problem.

When you are treated by Intermountain Healthcare Orthopedic Specialisty Group, you know that you will be in good hands. Our orthopedic surgeons have served multiple residencies and fellowships at hospitals across the nation. If you are looking for an orthopedic knee expert, look no further.

Talk to your doctor today about helping to relieve knee pain caused by an injury.

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