Knee Replacement Surgery

If you have severe rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, have trouble performing regular physical activity, and are experiencing significant knee pain, you might need knee replacement surgery.

The Orthopedic Specialty Group can perform partial and total knee replacements. In addition, our physical therapists are available to help rehabilitate your knee once surgery is complete. We want to make sure that following your knee replacement surgery, you make a perfect recovery and get to enjoy a life without terrible knee pain.

What is Total Knee Replacement?

After your doctor recommends knee replacement surgery, an orthopedic surgeon will help to identify an artificial knee that will be most appropriately for your body type, weight, activity level, and health. On the day of your surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will cut away the damaged bone from your knee area (thighbone, shinbones, and kneecap). Next, the surgeon will replace the removed bone with the artificial joint made from a combination of metal alloys, high-grade plastics, and polymers.

While it might seem like an artificial joint would make the pain worse or make it more difficult to perform physical activity, the artificial joints are made to mimic your knee’s natural movement and glide. Medical technology is always improving to offer the best knee replacement for your lifestyle.

Stop letting your knee pain affect the way you live your life; talk to your doctor about knee replacement surgery.

Total Knee Replacement - Orthopedic Specialty Group - Utah 

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