Family Medicine

When we treat a patient at Salt Lake Clinic, we make it possible for the entire family to receive high quality medical care from a single physician. Instead of traveling to several different clinics for your family, our Family Medicine physicians can treat everyone in the entire family in one location. This also means that when you bring in your young children or elderly parents, they will be seeing the same doctor you see. This continuity of care within the family is something that our patients value.

What We Treat

Family Medicine encompasses a broad spectrum. At our clinic, Family Medicine physicians perform regular checkups for children and adults, routine physical exams for work or school, preventive care, and comprehensive treatment for children and adults of all ages. Our physicians also provide newborn care and immunizations. Whether you are suffering from a chronic medical condition, or just have a routine checkup, our doctors can see you. We also diagnose and treat new medical problems and can often see you on the same day that you call.

Patient Education

A large part of what we do at Salt Lake Clinic is educate patients. Family Medicine physicians here, along with their highly trained staff, spend a lot of time working with patients so that they understand and are able to care for their own health.

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Family Medicine - Salt Lake Clinic - Salt Lake City, UT 
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