Our neurology department at Salt Lake Clinic cares for patients with all types of disorders of the nervous system. We specialize in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and providing follow up care for patients with these disorders. Whether you have impaired function of the brain, spinal cord, muscles, or peripheral nerves, we can provide your care.

When you are seen by a neurologist in our department, you can be sure that they will work with your primary care physician. Our goal is to make sure you receive the highest quality of care, specific for your needs.


Our neuropsychology department specializes in cognitive assessment, cognitive rehabilitation and caregiver coaching. Cognitive assessment can affect older adults, many of whom worry about neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease or Vascular Dementia.  Other neuropsychology services include treating adult patients with neurologic diagnosis who wish to learn how to improve brain performance while managing chronic conditions.  We also work with children, adolescents and adults to reach their goals of restoring and maintaining cognitive function and performance through cognitive rehabilitation. Our caregiver coaching cares for individuals indirectly impacted by memory loss to optimize independence and engage families to thrive in their new roles.


Each member of our neurology department is highly trained. Our neurologists are board-certified and have experience dealing with many different neurological conditions including stroke, headaches and migraines, epilepsy (seizure disorder), and dizziness.

What to Expect

When you visit our neurology department, you should be prepared for a brief neurological exam. Additionally, we will ask you several questions about your current or possible condition. This is also a good time to ask our neurologists any questions you may have. In some cases, we will need to do a few tests. If this is the case, we will order those tests and give you further instructions.

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