Pediatric services are provided at the Sandy Clinic by Dr. Tanya Jackson, Dr. Melinda Liddle, Dr. Lisa Palmieri, Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt, and Dr. Mark Valentine. Learn more about our pediatricians in the videos at right. (Note: The videos may need a few seconds to load.)


We would like to congratulate our own Intermountain Sandy Clinic Pediatrics for being nominated for best practices in family-centered care in a pediatric practice from the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Our Services

As specialists in the care of infants, children, and teens, our goal is to listen to your needs and provide quality clinical care you can trust. From before birth to age 21, we are partners in the healthy growth and development of your child. And, we’re also available for any illness or injury requiring immediate attention. Our specialties include:


  • Asthma
  • Dermatology
  • Mental health
  • Sports / Scouts physicals
  • Newborn care
  • Dental fluoride varnish
  • ADHD/ADD evaluation and treatment
  • Nutrition and obesity
  • International adoptee care
  • Personalized Primary Care 
  • Lab and x-ray services


Teens are welcome to see our pediatricians well beyond their high-school years. We offer a range of services to adolescents including care of acne, sports injuries, gynecological problems, psychological problems, and evaluations for sports and camps.

For online forms and information, visit the "Pediatrics" tab under Patient Resources.

Well-Child Visits

Our time together during well-child visits is very important. It helps us ensure normal physical growth and development, and gives us time to discuss behavioral issues and other concerns. This is more readily accomplished if one or both parents accompany their child and siblings are absent. If more than one child needs to be examined, please make an appointment for each child. Please cancel appointments 24 hours in advance so we can offer that time to other patients.

Sick Visits

We keep appointments available each day to examine sick or injured children. If your child’s doctor is unavailable, we can offer you an appointment with another doctor at our clinic or with our nurse practitioner.


We welcome walk-ins for immunizations on a first-come, first-serve basis for children who are up to date with well-child visits. For immunization hours, please call 801-501-2150.

Phone Calls

Our nursing staff is skilled in answering most medical questions. They handle urgent calls immediately and return other calls as soon as possible (usually by the end of the business day). While our nurses are a great resource for sound advice, we always encourage you make an appointment.

Night, Weekend, and Hospital Coverage

To provide 24-hour coverage, our doctors take turns being “on-call” for after-hour emergencies. Similarly, we rotate pediatric coverage at Alta View Hospital and Intermountain Medical Center.

Sandy Personalized Primary Care

Our pediatricians offer Personalized Primary Care, a unique approach to providing primary care that is based in common "medical home" models. Our pediatric healthcare services are accessible, coordinated, compassionate, family-centered, and culturally effective for children and youth with special needs.

In our pediatric Personalized Primary Care model, a clinician works in partnership with parents to ensure that the medical and non-medical needs of the child are met. We will help you find needed resources such as pediatric specialists, home care needs, mental health services, prescriptions, and financial assistance.

Pediatric Nurse Care Manager: Kathy Heffron: 801-501-2181
Parent Partner: Lisa Wade: 801-501-2412

Visit the "Pediatrics" tab under Patient Resources to learn more about Personalized Primary Care.


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