Functional Movement Screening

Our Running Lab boasts a complete staff of sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and physical therapists who work together to perform a complete Functional Movement Screening to determine the overall strength and flexibility of your body.

This analysis can also help to identify problems that may be causing pain when you run. By understanding all the mechanics of how your body works, we can suggest techniques and exercises to help you run more efficiently while preventing the risk of injury.

What is a Functional Movement Screening?

A Functional Movement Screening at the Running Lab begins with analyses and assessments, including:

  • Questionnaires
  • Biomechanical scans
  • Physical evaluations

When you come for your appointment, you can be assured that you are receiving the best care from highly trained sports medicine experts. The assessments used in our Functional Movement Screening at the Running Lab are based on years of clinical research and represent some of the newest standards and techniques in the sports medicine industry.

With some of the best sports medicine physicians, trainers, exercise physiologists and exercise therapists in the state of Utah, we can help you improve your techniques to become an overall better athlete just by teaching you more about how your musculoskeletal system functions and the bio-feedback your body is sending you.

If you would like to have an appointment with one of our sports medicine physicians, please contact our office and have the necessary forms available when you come in. Don’t put off becoming a better athlete; talk to one of our sports medicine specialists today!

Functional Movement Screening - Sports Medicine Specialty Group - Utah 

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