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Training to run; whether competitively or recreationally, can seriously affect the outcome of your overall running performance and can prevent serious injury. Running is an excellent form of exercise that can improve your overall health when you are properly prepared. The sports medicine specialists at our Running Lab can improve your running skills and teach you how to prevent serious musculoskeletal injuries as we work with you one on one.

The Sports Medicine Specialty Group utilizes the extensive knowledge and expertise of our sports medicine physicians, exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, and physical therapists to develop training programs and fully analyze the current health of each athlete in our Running Lab. We work together in a team environment to create truly unique results for each of our athlete patients. Using the knowledge we gain from many different types of testing, we can help you choose training and performance techniques to keep you running at your best.


A complete and intensive 90-minute evaluation in the Running Lab includes the following services:

The feedback obtained through a complete evaluation in our Running Lab can enhance the training and performance of any runner. No matter where you are in your current athletic abilities, our sport medicine professionals can help you take it to the next level while avoiding injury. As you progress in your training program you should consider having further evaluations performed to get the most accurate bio-feedback from your body and adjust your training regimen accordingly.

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