Lactate Threshold Testing

As you advance in your running training it is important to periodically monitor your bio-feedback. Determining an athlete’s lactate threshold is one of the best methods for monitoring changes due to training. Measuring your lactate threshold can help you adjust your training schedule and techniques to improve your endurance and overall performance. Lactate testing is particularly important for endurance athletes such as long distance runners.

Though you can test a similar threshold at home using a heart rate monitor, you get much more accurate results when you have blood tests done at a lab with a certified sports medicine physician to determine your actual Lactate Threshold. Our Running Lab utilizes advanced technology and the combined knowledge of our sports medicine physician, physical therapists, and trainers to not only measure your lactate threshold accurately, but to help you adjust your training accordingly.

What is a Lactate Threshold?

Lactate, which is commonly referred to as lactic acid, builds up in the muscles during physical activity. Your body produces lactic acid naturally to help provide your body with energy. However, when your body is producing too much lactic acid for your muscles to process, fatigue can set in. By using training methods that are focused around your specific lactate threshold training zones, you can train your body to eliminate or clear lactate from your body more effectively. Clearing or eliminating lactic acid from your muscles makes it possible to increase the intensity and length of your workouts, improving your overall endurance.

Your lactate threshold is the exercise intensity at which lactic acid starts to accumulate in your blood stream. Knowing your lactate threshold allows you to effectively adjust your workouts to maximize the time you can spend in your threshold, which will help to make your clearance process more efficient.

To have one of our trained sports medicine specialists perform a lactate threshold test, please make an appointment with the Running Lab today!

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