Video Stride Analysis

When combined with other physical evaluations performed by the sports medicine specialists in our Running Lab, video stride analyses can provide valuable information about your gait and the way you run. This information can be used to optimize running gait and help prevent and treat running injuries.

Reasons to Get Video Stride Analysis

If you are planning to run frequently or for long distances you may experience injuries or other problems due to abnormalities in your gait. If these abnormalities go undetected, you may experience pain, extensive injuries, or a reduction in your running efficiency. Completing a Video Stride Analysis at the Running Lab with a qualified sports medicine specialist can detect some of the following potential problems:

  • Detect abnormalities in gait
  • Determine potential injury risks
  • Help you reach your running goals by determining which areas can be improved

A video stride analyses allows our sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and exercise physiologists, to analyze your gait and examine your running technique. They can use this information to improve your training and help avoid the risk of injury.

Additional bio-feedback screenings may be recommended to help find areas of strength and weakness. This information will help you to modify your training style and maximize your athletic potential. We offer a variety of screenings to completely analyze how your body is responding to your current training regimen. These screenings and test are all available at the Running Lab so you don’t have to visit multiple physicians and specialists to achieve the best results in your running.

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