Fracture Care

Fractures happen often in children and athletes, especially in those who play high-impact sports. Falls, direct blows, twisting injuries, and even the occasional freak accident can cause a bone to fracture, either partially or completely.

Doctors and staff at the Sports Medicine Specialty Group work hard to make sure your fracture heals correctly, and doesn’t affect your long-term active lifestyle and sports performance. We want to provide you with the best care available so we can get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Treatment for Fractures

We offer several different remedies for bone fractures, including:

  • Reduction
  • Casting
  • Splinting
  • Pain relief
  • Rehabilitation

If you think you may have a fracture, the first step is to get an x-ray to determine the precise location and severity of the break. Our sport medicine professionals will then be able to determine the best course of treatment to ensure an effective healing process. Treating the fracture may include setting the bone (reduction), splinting, or casting.


Reduction, or setting the bone, involves realigning bones that have been displaced in the fracturing process. For small displaced fractures, this procedure can be done with a local anesthetic. However, if the fracture is more serious, such as a bone that has been shattered, or an open/compound fracture (when a broken bone pokes through the skin), surgery may be required in order to properly set the bone.


Most fractures require a cast. A cast will keep the bones in the right place so the injury can heal correctly. For patient convenience, we often use water-proof casts, which allow you to bathe, shower or even swim in the cast.


For a fracture that causes a lot of swelling, you might need a splint. This method is generally used for stable fractures, fractures that cause extensive soft tissue damage, or fractures that are causing acute swelling.

Get Immediate Care for Your Fracture

If you suspect that you have a fracture, immediately stop your physical activity and seek medical attention.

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