Running Lab Price Information

Running Lab: $150
  • Review of running history and injury history
  • In-Depth Physical Exam
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Video Analysis of running mechanics
  • Customized program injury treatment prevention 
  • Training Program modifications
  • Shoe and Orthotic recommendations

Repeat Visit: $75
Come back within 6 months and go through the Running Lab a second time to see your progress and make additional modifications to your running mechanics.
(This is not part of any follow up visits you may have because of a running related injury)

Performance Tests

Lactate Assessment: $100
A lactate assessment measures the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and provides runners with information about training zones and exercise intensity.

Follow up tests (within 6 months): $75

VO2 Max: $100 (available only at LiVe Well Center – Salt Lake)
VO2 Max measures the maximum capacity of the body to transport oxygen during exercise and reflects the fitness level of the individual.
Follow up test(Within 6 months): $75

Professional Analysis: $50
1 on 1 meeting with a Running Lab Specialist to review performance tests and explain in detail how you can apply the results to your training. 
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