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LiVe Well - Making Healthier Choices a Way of Life

The LiVE Well: Making Healthier Choices a Way of Life - Healthy Habits for Kids program is designed to help kids and their families manage their weight and improve their health. 

Why Participate?

It's important. Think your weight doesn't matter? Think again. Being overweight is hard on your body. It can wear down your joints, stress your heart, and flatten your mood. Chances are it's not helping your self-esteem, either. So you need healthier habits—because you're important, and you deserve better.

It works. No "miracle diets" or "magic pills" here. Healthy Habits for kids is based on what has really worked for other kids and families. The tips and information you'll learn can help you get on the right track, too—and stay there.

It's time. Studies show that if you're overweight as a kid or teen, you're likely to be overweight as an adult, too. The good news? Now is the best time to do something about it. You have a better chance to change your daily habits now than at any other stage of life.

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