Hyponasality occurs when there is not enough sound resonating in the nose when you are talking.

Associated symptoms:

Your child may be difficult to understand. They may sound: 
  • Stuffy or congested
  • Muffled
  • Like they are mumbling
  • Like they are not “speaking up”

Rehab evaluation:

A speech language pathologist (SLP) evaluation can help you to determine the cause hyponasality. The SLP will review your child’s medical history and your current concerns. She will examine your child’s lips, mouth and palate and perform a Nasometeric Assessment. They may do other testing.

After evaluation the SLP will discuss the results with you. She may ask you to have further testing with your child’s doctor or other specialist, and together you will discuss a plan for treatment. 

Common interventions:

Treatment is generally provided by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and a Speech Language pathologist. The therapist will work with your child improve their speech. They will also teach you exercises and activities to do with your child at home.

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