Phonologic disorders are when a child’s speech does not follow the rules for saying sounds in words. They may leave off the ending or beginning sounds of words, or replace the correct sound for an easier sound, etc.

Associated symptoms:

  • Uses incorrect speech sounds.
  • Leaves sounds out of words.
  • Speech is hard to understand.

Rehab evaluation:

Prior to or at the evaluation your child should have a hearing test to make sure his/her hearing is normal. During the speech evaluation a speech-language pathologist (SLP) will test your child’s ability to say speech sounds in words. An examination of the lips, tongue, and palate will be completed to make sure your child is able to produce speech sounds. The therapist will determine if the speech errors fall into a pattern that do not follow the rules of speech.

Results of testing and recommendations will be discussed at the conclusion of the evaluation. The therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you.

Common interventions:

The therapist will discuss your concerns with you. Together you will decide on the speed and amount of treatment your child will receive. In therapy your child will learn how to make the correct sound/s.

You will be included in the therapy session. The SLPs will teach you how to work with your child at home between therapy sessions.

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