Chemical peels, or chemexfoliation, are less invasive than many other skin enhancement procedures, and can be used to touch up uneven skin pigmentation, control acne, remove rough or scaly skin, reduce visibility of scars or age spots, erase deeper wrinkles and treat sun damaged skin. It essentially causes a burn to outer layers of skin which are replaced with new healthier and tighter skin.  Chemical peels are typically performed for cosmetic reasons however they may also be used in order to remove pre-cancerous skin growths.

A chemical peel can range in intensity from light, medium, or deep. A light chemical peel focuses on the surface of the skin and may need to be repeated after several weeks. In contrast, a deep chemical peel reaches deep into the layers of the skin and results will last longer.

When you arrive for your procedure, your face will be cleaned and, depending on the chemical peel chosen for your skin type, a numbing cream may be applied. A chemical solution is then applied to the face and is left on for several minutes. During this time, you may feel a burning or tingling sensation.

Depending on your treatment plan, you may have red or brown skin after the chemical peel. This is temporary and will peel off within two weeks to reveal a fresh and more youthful layer of skin.