As men and women age, the effect of gravity lowers the eyebrows causing surrounding wrinkles to deepen and increases the volume of the upper eyelids. A brow lift, or forehead lift, not only lifts the brow, but also makes the upper eyelid skin tighter. It can also reduce wrinkles between the eyebrows, and gives your face a natural, youthful contour. We’ll give your face a more youthful, rested and refreshed appearance, ridding you of unwanted forehead wrinkles and improving the shape of your eyes and eyelids, while avoiding the “surprised” look that some brow lifts cause. It can even help improve your field of vision. 

There are several ways in which this surgery can be done, depending on the nature of the problem. Many procedures can be done in the office under local anesthesia, and others are done in the operating room. 

The classic approach to this surgery is called a "coronal lift". This involves an incision on top of the head, hidden inside the hairline, and is very effective. The coronal lift can also be done in a way that "shortens" the forehead, bringing the hairline down to a lower position. This can make a very youthful change if you have a "high forehead."

Another way that brow lifting surgery is done is the "endoscopic" approach. This involves placing a series of small incisions in the scalp, then performing the surgery with an endoscope. This method leaves smaller scars and can be very effective. 

Brow lift surgery can also be done through an upper eyelid incision.

Our board certified plastic surgeons are experts in all of these methods and will improve your upper facial appearance using the technique that is best for you.

Results are typically noticed for five to 10 years and even beyond. Brow lift is often combined with lower facial cosmetic surgery to make the entire face look more youthful.

When thinking about brow lifting surgery, consider the precision and expertise of Intermountain's plastic surgeons.