The Spine Institute is an integrated practice that provides a full scope of spine services, from supervised rehabilitation to medication and surgery. Our staff includes specialists in physical and occupational therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management, behavioral medicine, radiology, and surgery.

As an interdisciplinary team we partner with you to assess your spine condition, weigh treatment options, and implement a personalized program that works for you now and throughout your life.

We combine clinical excellence with research, education, and advocacy. We strive always to provide healing with a human touch.

Patient Outcomes

The Spine Institutes at Intermountain Healthcare are committed to directing their care models based on patient outcomes. Patient's progress is monitored throughout the course of treatment and data from all patients is then combined to show the team which interventions and treatments work best.

Team Approach

Spine treatment isn't one size fits all. At the Spine Institute, we work closely with you and with each other to understand your condition and create a treatment plan that matches your needs and lifestyle. We work as a team on each phase and aspect of your care.

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