The Spine Institute's at Intermountain Healthcare are committed to directing their care models based on patient outcomes. Patient's progress is monitored throughout the course of treatment. Data from all patients is then combined to show the team which interventions and treatments work best. We are:

  • Involved in ongoing clinical research to explore and substantiate advances in operative and non-operative methods of diagnosing and managing spinal disorders.
  • Creating research affiliations within Intermountain Healthcare and with other leading facilities and technology organizations as we evaluate outcomes and conduct interventional research.
  • Actively involved in sharing our knowledge and research through lecturing and publishing on issues related to spinal disorders.

Intermountain Healthcare has been a leader in physical therapy outcomes tracking since 2003. Our custom designed outcomes program, Rehabilitation Outcomes Monitoring System (ROMS) allows clinicians to see the patient progress from initial consult to completion of their care in the Spine Institute.

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