Transplant Services

Technology and Compassion

Our transplant team combines the latest technology with compassionate and personalized care.

You Make the Decisions

You are the most important part of the transplant team. We'll keep you informed and let you make the decisions about your care.

Collaborative Approach

We bring together physicians, surgeons and professionals from many fields to ensure you're getting the best possible care.

Intermountain Healthcare’s Transplant Program features some of the nation’s best survival rates and highly regarded, experienced clinical teams. The program includes heart, kidney, liver, and pancreas transplants at Intermountain Medical Center and bone marrow transplantation, which is performed at LDS Hospital. 

Intermountain also offers a wide range of pediatric transplant services at Primary Children's Hospital​, including heart​, kidney, liver and bone marrow.

EdisonHealth, a national company that helps large employers in the United States provide specialized, complex care to their employees, selected Intermountain Healthcare’s Intermountain Medical Center in Murray and LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City as “Medical Destinations of Excellence” for providing transplant patients outstanding outcomes and focusing on the best possible care at the lowest appropriate cost. ​

This website is designed to give detailed information about our program and explain what patients can expect when they come here for a transplant. Select your transplant type from the list above to learn more.
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