Resources Matter

The Healthcare Transformation Lab recognizes that in order to transform healthcare, good ideas must become tangible, validated realities. To make this happen, we've gathered cutting-edge technologies, assembled a team of creative and experienced personnel who understand the complexities of the healthcare industry, and carefully chosen a physical location that places us within walking distance from Intermountain Medical Center and the Homer Warner Center for Informatics Research.


Intermountain Medical Center

Intermountain Medical Center is one of the best hospitals in the United States. It serves as the flagship medical facility for the Intermountain Healthcare system and is a destination for patients from throughout the intermountain west.

The hospital is a national leader in using best practices to provide the best possible care at the lowest appropriate cost. It is also home to renowned programs in cardiac care, pulmonary, maternal fetal medicine, organ transplantation, neurology, Level 1 trauma and emergency medicine, critical care, and more.

It is currently involved in more than 300 clinical research projects that will change the way the industry delivers care. The Transformation Lab has invaluable access to the healthcare resources available at this prestigious center of healing.

Homer Warner Center

The Homer Warner Center is home to more than 70 informaticists who create computer applications and information systems to use data and improve patient care. Dr. Homer Warner began his work implementing computer systems at Intermountain Healthcare in the mid-1950s. In the 1970s, Dr. Warner and his Intermountain colleagues created one of the nation's first versions of an electronic medical record. Designed to assist clinicians in decision making, Intermountain's now famous HELP (Health Evaluation Logical Processing) system has been operational for nearly 40 years.

Intermountain continues to remain an industry leader in using computers in the practice of medicine. Thanks to the work done at the Homer Warner Center, Intermountain has created advanced information systems to help caregivers improve medical delivery and outcomes through automating routine functions, facilitating communications, supporting decision-making processes, and allowing statistical analysis to help improve care processes and implement best medical practices.