Beyond Innovation

An innovation is a new idea or device; a transformation is a real and lasting change. At the Healthcare Transformation Lab, the big-picture goal of transforming healthcare drives our decisions. We focus on developing innovations that will contribute to real change. We have the ability to create sophisticated tools and technologies, but rather than start with the technology, we start with the question, "What transforms healthcare?" and then develop innovations that answer that question.

Our Projects

We have truly developed an innovation ecosystem, and our projects are leading the way to a transformed healthcare system.

  • Physician Designed Device: Physicians now have a resource to research, develop, prototype and test innovations to improve the delivery, quality and cost of health care.
  • Hand Washing Watch (Canary): A simple, inexpensive, and user-friendly watch for detecting hand sanitation status to improve healthcare provider (HCP) hand hygiene and to reduce hospital acquired infections (HAI). The CDC estimates that 1.7 million patients every year contract hospital acquired infections resulting in 99,000 deaths annually and $28-$33 billion in excess costs.
  • Suicide Prevention Aide (Bluebird): A wearable device that alerts facility staff when a behavioral health patient demonstrates signs of suicidality.
  • Pediatric Bed Fall Prevention (Jailbird): This device aims to prevent falls from cribs during an infant’s stay at the hospital by alerting the nursing staff and family if they walk away from the crib without putting the crib rail up. There are many solutions currently on the market to reduce bed falls in the adult population but nothing for the infant population.
  • Personalized Patient Room: We have tackled the monumental task of bringing the patient room of the future to Intermountain Healthcare. A room where clinicians, family members, and patients can collaborate and work together to achieve better outcomes. The new room allows clinicians and family members to have face to face high definition video calls with the patient. The patient is also able to control their environment from their hospital bed, including adjusting lighting and temperature, ordering food, or streaming movies.


Sotera Wireless: Sotera Wireless is an innovative company the Transformation Lab has partnered with to bring wireless patient monitoring to Intermountain. The product is called Visi Mobile and it is a platform that will change the patient experience. Allowing patients increased mobility and freedom while in the hospital. From the Visi Mobile platform clinicians can collect real time vital sign data on their patients, including ECG readings, temperature, non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring, sPO2, and respiration rate.


Life Flight: An application to aid Life Flight staff to efficiently record and communicate patient information with Intermountain Healthcare emergency department staff.