It's no secret that the U.S. healthcare industry is in crisis. Our aging population is increasing demand on an over-taxed system. Government and employers have limited resources to pay for rising healthcare costs. Hospitals and providers have been incentivized to over treat patients to increase profitability. The system needs technological advancements and innovative solutions to meet the demand for high quality care at a sustainable cost. It needs to be transformed.


Change requires resources, imagination, patience, and courage—qualities that define the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Intermountain Healthcare. Our mission to transform healthcare is driven by three simple principles:

  1. Improve quality
  2. Improve health
  3. Manage costs

We improve quality by developing and adhering to best practices and avoiding overuse, underuse, and misuse. We improve health by promoting disease prevention to reduce the need for costly care. Effective patient engagement and care management are also powerful tools to improving health. We manage costs by removing the incentives that contribute to ineffective care while rewarding the wise use of resources.


The Healthcare Transformation Lab partners with forward-thinking organizations, supports entrepreneurs with healthcare-related ideas, and works with the large population of Intermountain Healthcare physicians and employees to transform healthcare one idea at a time. Contact us if you have an idea, or would like to learn more.