Dimension of Care: Clinical Excellence

William Arthur Sevy

Team Intermountain

Will Sevy’s parents, Brooke and Eric, took Will to the Comprehensive Care Clinic at Primary Children’s Medical Center.

William Arthur Sevy was born in August 2005, 12 weeks premature. From the beginning, Will struggled. He was born “chronic and complex”—a term physicians use to describe patients whose health problems will be with them a very long time and are complex enough to require a great deal of care. Will suffered from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and problems affecting his heart, lungs, and other organs. His parents, Brooke and Eric, were frequently by his side during his periods of care at Intermountain’s Primary Children’s Medical Center.

At 21 months, Will was referred to the Comprehensive Care Clinic at Primary Children’s. Created by the hospital and the University of Utah School of Medicine, the clinic is designed to better serve chronic and complex patients like Will. Led by Nancy Murphy, MD, Will’s team was extensive, including Nurse Practitioner Caroline Hagedorn; Social Worker Gloria Wingenbach; and Case Manager Jone Bramble. Dr. Murphy ensured Will’s care was coordinated among the various specialties: neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, endocrinology, and others. She saw that a single treatment plan was developed, with all caregivers collaborating effectively.

Nancy Murphy, MD, led a team of caregivers dedicated to ensuring that Will Sevy and his family received comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate care.

Will did well in this new program, as did his parents. The clinic made it much more comfortable and convenient for him to receive care. “It lifted the burden I felt as a parent tenfold,” said Brooke. “And because the care was so well-coordinated, it seemed to work better for Will.”

For nearly five years, Will made regular visits to Primary Children’s Medical Center. Eventually, his illnesses became too much for his body, and in 2012 he passed away. As difficult as this was for Brooke and Eric, they credit the Comprehensive Care Clinic for helping their son better enjoy his life.

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