Dimension of Care: Community Stewardship

With help from The Learning Center for Families, Mariana gained important skills and the confidence to use them.

Expanding the circle of care

Translator Zahandra Hutchings and Mariana working together.

Mariana is the proud mother of five children, which is why she knew she had to get them out of the situation they were in. When she found herself a single mother living with her children in a shelter, she recognized she needed extra support. A friend told her about The Learning Center for Families.

The Learning Center for Families, based in St. George, Utah, is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to help vulnerable pregnant women, infants, and toddlers (up to age three). Besides offering daycare, respite crisis care, and other services to families, the Center works in collaboration with other agencies to help parents and children gain access to needed services.

The services for children include occupational and speech therapy, health and developmental screenings by qualified nurses, interventional evaluations, and behavioral health counseling. Instruction for parents is also offered. Services are provided without regard to ability to pay.

Mariana began working with a Learning Center social worker, who has counseled and worked with her for over a year. The change has been tremendous. Mariana is now a confident mother who excels at caring for her children, and her children are learning the skills they need to become the healthy, strong adults she knows they can be.

Intermountain Healthcare provides financial support to The Learning Center and collaborates with its leadership in helping address the health needs of people who might otherwise lack necessary care. “Innovative outreach programs like those offered by The Learning Center are such important parts of the continuum of health services in our communities,” says Mikelle Moore, Vice President of Intermountain’s Community Benefit Department. “By working together with other agencies and programs, we’re leveraging our resources and promoting health more effectively.”

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