Dimension of Care: Patient Engagement

LiVe Well

Intermountain’s Approach to Lifelong Habits for a Healthier You.

Intermountain has always offered a wide variety of programs designed to help people stay fit and improve their health. In 2012, we organized all these programs under a new, unified brand called LiVe Well. The name is based on the highly successful childhood fitness campaign we launched in 2007—which now has been expanded to engage adults and relaunched using the new name and colors.

LiVe Well helps people make better choices, leading to healthier lifestyles.

LiVe Well. It’s not a diet. It’s not a boot camp. It’s not about the perfect body. It’s not a quick fix, a six-week program, a Band-Aid, or a fad. It’s a lifestyle, not a crash course. It’s about all the ways we can LiVe Well.

The program includes the IntermountainLiVeWell.org website, promoting good health with a focus on four central themes: Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, and Be Well.

The fun and informative LiVe Well website provides novel approaches to healthy lifestyles. There’s something for everyone, whether we’re searching for ways to make better eating choices, become more physically active, or refocus our time and energy to feel better. The website offers healthful tips, healthy recipes, and thought-provoking humorous videos, as well as tools and other resources to help us all live healthier.

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