A group of 30 “Health Heroes” from Intermountain Healthcare was recently honored at a Health Hero luncheon hosted by Intermountain leaders to celebrate employee successes in exemplifying our LiVe Well principles.

A LiVe Well Health Hero is an employee whose healthy choices and actions have demonstrated a commitment to living a healthier life, whose example inspires others around them.

“Our LiVe Well Health Heroes were nominated by their coworkers, their families, and in more than one instance by someone who didn’t know them well but had observed their actions from a distance,” said Terri Flint, PhD, LCSW, Intermountain’s Wellness Director. “We received close to 100 Health Hero nominations, and it was very difficult to choose the 30 employees who were invited to the Health Hero luncheon. Their stories were everyday experiences in most cases, yet incredibly inspiring.”

At the Health Heroes luncheon, Laura Kaiser, Intermountain’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, spoke on why well-being is important for us individually, as part of Intermountain, and as representatives to the community. “As the emphasis on wellness and preventing health problems through better lifestyle choices continues to grow, it’s important that we as Intermountain employees model that same behavior,” she said. “The employees we honored as Health Heroes are doing just that. As models for living well, they’re walking the walk and inspiring the rest of us to follow their path."

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