What’s new?

·       New leadership

·       Redesigned to meet healthcare organizations' priorities for system-level clinical quality improvement projects

·       Collaboration between Healthcare Delivery Institute, Continuous Improvement and Office of Patient Experience

·       Updated content that is adaptable and results-driven in a value-based care model

·       Shorter time commitment

Why should I participate?

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

·       Join the mission to improve healthcare through process improvement and a set of values supportive of that mission

·       Understand a set of theoretical frameworks, tools and techniques that are associated with healthcare process improvement

·       Recognize a set of Intermountain institutions and practices that are relevant to healthcare process improvement, and their generalizability to other healthcare systems

·       Apply specific quality improvement skills to improve healthcare processes

What will I learn?

·       Context: Understanding the healthcare system and its challenges including the imperative to change using clinical quality improvement to improve outcomes

·       Process Improvement

o   Model for Improvement/A3 Problem Solving

o   Driving adherence to evidence-based best practice guidelines

·       Intermountain structure and resources and discuss other organizations' resources

·       Working toward a healthcare organization that systematically improves processes

·       Participant’s role in process improvement

ATP Expectations?

·       Fully attend and engage in all sessions as scheduled

·       Complete assigned pre- and post- work

·       Approval from participant’s direct leader to participate

·       Complete a sponsored quality improvement project

·       Participant’s direct leader will be invited to attend the final project presentation and ensure the work continues using either Intermountain’s Operating Model or the home organization operating model to track outcomes after the project transitions to daily work

What will you get in return for your investment in this course?

Approximately  84 hours of combined interactive and didactic education delivered by outstanding internal and external faculty who are experts in their fields
·       Professional consultants from the Healthcare Delivery Institute, Data and Analytics, Office of Patient Experience and Continuous Improvement to ensure success of quality improvement project and guidance for engaging leaders to integrate new processes into workflow after completion of the course
·       The opportunity to join a national and international network that provides ongoing support and information sharing for future collaborations