Intern and fellow candidates selected to participate in the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute program are expected to actively participate in Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute sponsored educational courses, with specific program selection determined in conjunction with their assigned Intermountain Healthcare mentor.

The Healthcare Delivery Institute was founded in 1990 with the directive of improving quality and reducing the cost of healthcare services. These goals are accomplished by providing technical support and education for clinical research and process management within the Intermountain system.

Program Focus

Past participants who have found the most success and satisfaction with their Institute internship or fellowship have entered the program with skills independently developed (i.e., software programs), and have clear, reasonable personal objectives, goals, and research interests.

  1. For individuals interested in analysis: Includes the hypothesis of interest, data and software needed, and anticipated analytical methodology, as well as specify clinical conditions of particular interest.
  2. For individuals interested in a broad view of integrated healthcare delivery systems: Identify specific administrative and clinical specialties, organizational, and/or support structures of interest.

Bear in mind that the internship/fellowship tenure may not be long enough to learn the intricacies of analysis and/or the healthcare environment. A more broad view of the workings of a not-for-profit healthcare organization might be the focus of the internship/fellowship.

Duties and Accountabilities

Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute internships and fellowships are designed to be educational for the participant. Both internship and fellowship participants are expected to actively participate in Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute sponsored educational courses. The selection of the specific program is determined by the intern/fellow along with an assigned Intermountain mentor.

Interns are expected to perform additional duties and responsibilities. These duties frequently involve staff support (i.e., setting up chairs and tables) for educational programs and research performed by members of the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research as well as hardware and software maintenance.

An expectation is that interns/fellows work semi-independently; however, an Intermountain mentor will be assigned to the intern to help facilitate project completion. The intern will report for project assignments and give progress updates to the assigned mentor.

Duration and Confidentiality

Internships and fellowships with the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute are usually four or six months in duration. The length of each internship or fellowship is determined before involvement in the program. All participants will be required to sign an Intermountain Healthcare Access and Confidentiality agreement.

Self-Funded Program

Fellowship attendees should arrange for remuneration from their sponsoring organizations.

All travel and housing expenses and arrangements, for the full duration of the visit, are the responsibility of the individual participant.

Note: International interns and fellows must apply for their own Tourist or J-1 Visa. Applicants are responsible for all associated application fees.