Intermountain Pharmacy Services provides a wide range of care including, Community Pharmacies, Home Delivery Pharmacy, and Specialty Pharmacy. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work with patients to answer questions and explain what to expect with medications. 

Home Delivery

Our home delivery service offers a 90-day supply of maintenance medication to patients.  This service encourages patients to be more adherent to their dosage, while saving them money on an extra copay. 

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacy serves patients with acute disease states.  The hands-on staff (nurses, pharmacists and technicians) work with patients to bring down copays to ensure patients can afford the medication.  We have a staff that does frequent check-ins to monitor patients’ reactions to medication and remind them of upcoming refills.  Using Intermountain’s specialty pharmacy ensures seamless communication with providers through EMR allowing them to keep up-to-date with the patient’s condition and check if there are any issues with the medication. 

Community Pharmacies

Convenient, onsite pharmacies, in both hospitals and clinics, offer seamless communication back to physicians through the integrated EMR.  The pharmacies provide discharge medication room delivery (med-READI program) for patients and a personal consult with a pharmacist so the patient is comfortable with their medication expectations.