The medical informaticists and team at the Homer Warner Center are dedicated to the discovery and implementation of innovative information technologies for the improvement of clinical care.

Areas of Focus

The team is focused on the following areas:


  • Instigation and analysis of multiple healthcare programs and processes across the medical informatics field
  • Collaboration with a wide variety of clinicians at Intermountain Healthcare across multiple service lines
  • Collaboration with the University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics
  • Collaboration with other esteemed colleagues in the United States and other countries

Clinical Decision Support

  • Workflow based
  • Probabilistic diagnostic disease prediction and modeling
  • Temporal disease modeling
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Automated protocols/care process models

Knowledge Repository

  • Clinician- and computer-focused
  • Infrastructure design and creation
  • Standards-based tools


  • Clinical data extraction, analysis, and visualization on large data sets
  • Clinical population profiling
  • Use of phenotype data for genetic discovery
  • Objective electronic medical record (EMR) utilization measurement

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

  • Leading the Utah community HIE initiatives and strategy
  • Collaboration with many community projects to benefit special patient populations such as genomics, pediatrics and telehealth
  • Participation in Shared Accountability initiatives through leading development projects with Intermountain affiliates


  • Consulting and support for the new system in development with Intermountain Healthcare and Cerner


The Homer Warner Center is helping the Intermountain BioRepository team with innovative IT solutions to assist with biospecimen analysis, data capture, tracking, annotation, and inventory management.


Care Connectivity Consortium

​Intermountain is participating in the Care Connectivity Consortium, which is a health information exchange that supports patient-centered, high-value healthcare across the country.


Diagnostic Modeling System

Our Ontology-Driven Diagnostic Modeling System (ODMS) currently applies ontologies and automated systems for analysis to create applications for diagnostic screening.



We are researching an open-source framework that will transform electronic health record data into a configuration toward industry standardization, allowing for integration of disparate health data​​.



The Homer Warner Center team is contributing to the establishment of a proposed National Center for Cognitive Informatics and Decision Making (NCCD) in healthcare.​​​