Our Vision

Our mission is to help people live the healthiest lives possible, and as a world leader in quality and safety in healthcare policy and practice, we serve as a model learning organization.

At the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute, we aim to improve quality and reduce the cost of healthcare services by delivering education, providing technical support, generating and disseminating evidence, and conducting research in support of operational and service excellence and process management across the Intermountain Healthcare system and with external partners.

Our Goals

To accomplish this vision, the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute aspires to accomplish the following:

  • To provide direction in recommending strategic priorities regarding healthcare delivery, clinical epidemiology, and health services and outcomes research, based on community, clinician, and administrative needs.
  • To provide data, statistical analyses, multidisciplinary research design, dissemination, and coordination to internal and external health care delivery and clinical research efforts that advance Intermountain's strategic goals and attainment of mission critical objectives.
  • To provide research mentoring, technical support, and education for Intermountain's Total Quality Management strategy.
  • To seek external collaborations and funding to achieve the objectives listed above with the approval of the Institute's Executive Steering Committee for specific projects in alignment with our vision and values.

Operational Plan

  • Work with the Institute's Executive Steering Committee to explore the role of clinical and health services research within Intermountain.
  • Extend the QUE methodology into new clinical areas through clinical CQI monitors.
  • Help in the development of a comprehensive TQM Education Plan and teaching materials for Intermountain and support shared learning with sister programs and external participants on a capacity-limited basis.
  • Develop and distribute measurement and analytic tools necessary for Intermountain to successfully implement its TQM strategy and conduct rigorous, evidence generating research.
  • Provide direct technical support for Intermountain's quality improvement projects and major operational initiatives as we seek to re-engineer care delivery, continually improve the quality and safety of care provided, and reform payment mechanisms.

History of the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute

  • 2005 – Developed "A Culture of Patient Safety" for Physicians course
  • 1999 – Created the miniAdvanced Training Program in Health Care Delivery Improvement (miniATP)
  • 1994 – Established "An Introduction to Clinical Quality Improvement" course for physicians
  • 1992 – Implemented the Advanced Training Program in Health Care Delivery Improvement (ATP)
  • 1991 – Formed the Core Quality Committee (CQC)
  • 1990 – Established the Institute and commenced internal education programs
  • 1988 – Formed Intermountain's "Quality Council" and the Quality Mission Statement and placed responsibility for organization and management of TQM to the VP Professional Services
  • 1986 – Began formal Quality, Utilization and Efficiency (QUE) Studies at Intermountain Healthcare

Internships and Fellowships

Program interns and fellows are expected to actively participate in Intermountain Healthcare Delivery Institute sponsored educational courses, with specific program selection determined in conjunction with their assigned Intermountain mentor.