As an alumnus of the ATP courses we welcome you to join us in the future for lectures that you feel will be beneficial to you. This benefit is provided at no cost to you. We at the Institute recognize that our participants are focused on continuing Quality Improvement education. To that end we have a variety of resources available exclusively to our alumni.  Please contact us for access to videos and other material that will provide you with the most up-to-date information and best practices in healthcare improvement.

We also have an annual Alumni Conference which provides a forum for graduates to discuss current projects and to share innovative tools and techniques you are pioneering to improve clinical quality.  We hope you will join us to learn from other alumni regarding their successes in translating what they learned in ATP to improve outcomes for patients, colleagues, and communities – as well as to share your own.  Learning from each other is at the heart of the ATP program, it is about building a learning community that will improve patient outcomes across the globe. Planning has started for our next ATP Alumni meeting. Please check back soon and we will also be in touch with you with more information.

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