Courses offered by Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research are designed to meet the need of health professionals, including executives, quality improvement leaders, and clinicians.


Advanced Training Program

The 20-day ATP course helps executives and health leaders gain tools to implement quality improvement programs, through coursework on national policy, consumer markets, and healthcare economics.



The miniAdvanced Training Program is a detailed, nine-day course for clinicians that provides tools to help implement quality improvement programs and develop leadership competencies.


Online Registration

Register online for Intermountain's ATP and miniATP courses in healthcare delivery improvement offered through the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research.


Clinical Quality Improvement

The two-day course is designed for physicians and clinical leaders as an introduction to the core principles of clinical quality improvement.


Information for Attendees

Learn more about travel and accommodations and find out what to expect in the classroom during Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research courses.


Additional Programs

Courses designed for Intermountain employees are developed to teach the tools and principles of quality improvement and research in health care.