Information specifically designed for students registered for the miniATP at Dixie Regional Medical Center, through the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research, which includes pre-course study, homework, detailed agenda, breakout session, and more.

Pre-Course Materials

Please read the following assignments prior to attending the first session:

Pre-Course Videos

Please watch the following webcasts prior to attending the first session:

Video: Introduction to Advanced Training Program

Brent C. James, MD, MStat
Length: 34 minutes 04 seconds

Presentation Objectives:

  • Course overview.
  • Description of required quality improvement project.
  • Course logistics.

Video: Program Logistics

Length: 5 minutes 45 seconds

Video: Features of Effective Teams

Brent C. James, MD, MStat
Length: 41 minutes 35 seconds

Presentation Objectives:

  • Committee vs. Teams dynamics.
  • Features of an effective team: safe, inclusive, open, consensus seeking, etc.
  • Ideal team members.
  • PDSA within teams. 

Video: Quality Controls Cost

Brent C. James, MD, MStat
Length: 35 minutes 39 seconds

Presentation Objectives:

  • Describes causal links between quality and cost.
  • List areas of quality waste, the cost of poor quality.
  • Define limited resource utilization; production vs. efficiency.
  • Describe the optimalist - maximalist argument; the implications of cost pressures for the healthcare system.

Week One Preparation

For the first week of the program, please come prepared (if possible) with the following:

  • Title of your Quality Improvement Project
  • Why you selected this project (why it is important)
  • Who will be on the team
  • A simple global mission statement for your project
  • Preliminary data for project evaluation

These steps are the beginning steps of the quality project. You will use each of these steps in a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your project. During the fourth week each participant will present their quality improvement project in a PowerPoint presentation.  They will illustrate their quality improvement project and its results. Each presentation will be allotted 15 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A after and will give fellow classmates a wide range of applications.

QI Project Homework Assignment

  • Pre-Course: email your area of focus/project title to Jean-Ann no later than January 20.
  • Session 1: To be assigned in class
  • Session 2: To be assigned in class
  • Session 3: To be assigned in class
  • Session 4: Presentation to the class of your completed Quality Improvement project

Excel Homework

The files you need for the homework are listed below. You will need to save the files to your hard drive. Right click on the file name and select "Save Target As" from the popup menu. This will save as a zipped file. You will need to run an extraction program (PKUNZIP or Compressed Folders Extraction Wizard) to extract the file to SPCMacrosAddInRev1.12.3.xla. Please open Excel Homework Tutorial 1 before beginning the homework.

To enable Excel Macro – SPC Macros AddIn rev. 1.12.4.xla

You may need to lower your Excel security to enable the 'macro'. To do this, open up Excel and go to TOOLS at the top of the window in the standard toolbar. Next, go to MACRO, SECURITY, SECURITY LEVELS and lower to MEDIUM. You can choose whether or not to run potentially unsafe macros.

Note: If you are using a Mac, you will need 2011 Office for Mac or newer. 2008 Office for Mac did not include Visual Basic and will not work with our macros.

The following are data files to be used within the homework assignment. Please refer to the tutorial for more information on how to use the files.

Session 1 Excel Assignment

  • Review the SPC Macro Tutorial (above) and complete the homework using the 5 Excel files.
  • Using your own QI project data or dry lab (made-up) data, create and SPC Control Chart using the Excel Macro.

Session 2 Excel Assignment

  • Review the SPC Macro Tutorial (above) and complete the homework using the 5 Excel files.
  • Using your own QI project data or dry lab (made-up) data, create and SPC Control Chart using the Excel Macro.


Details will be given in class. As this is a graduation dinner the dress is business attire.

Enduring Material

To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System - November 29, 1999

Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century - March 1, 2001

Additional videos for your reference:

Video: Elizabeth Hammond Storyboard

Elizabeth Hammond, MD
Length: 46 minutes 26 seconds

Presentation Objectives:

  • Share the tools and methodology used in a quality improvement project.
  • Understand how quality improvement principles are applied in improving a specific process.
  • Have an opportunity to discuss a quality improvement project experience with team members actively involved in the process.

Video: Kim Bateman Storyboard

Kim Bateman, MD
Length: 57 minutes 29 seconds

Presentation Objectives:

  • Leverage microsystems (especially rural ones) for larger QI projects.
  • Improve participation by physicians.

Video: "Playing it Safe"

John Nance, JD
Length: 1 hour 6 minutes 7 seconds