This course is designed as an introduction to the core principles of clinical quality improvement. Intermountain Healthcare's strategies for addressing the current healthcare delivery environment and opportunities for clinician participation in the development of these strategies are discussed.

The content for the course is focused on discussion around core principles of clinical quality improvement and tools physicians can use to improve patient outcomes. It also addresses the developing managed care marketplace and explores how quality improvement methods can build a foundation for integrated clinical research and ongoing professional learning.


This course is for Intermountain Healthcare clinical leaders. Registration is required and can be completed by downloading the Registration Form.

  • Provide a working vocabulary of quality improvement (QI) theory and practice including critical analysis tools such as root cause analysis, observational techniques and human factors.
  • Discuss the imperative around clinical QI in the current healthcare, political, and economic climate.
  • Teach and discuss a brief history of QI theory and its relationship to the practice an values of medicine.
  • Discuss the relationship and causal links between clinical QI and cost.
  • Discuss the structure and operations of Intermountain Healthcare's Clinical Programs, it's fundamental relationship to the Intermountain Medical Group, and its role in clinical quality improvement (QI).
  • Discuss Intermountain Healthcare's shared accountability approach and its current and future impact on clinical delivery and the Triple Aim.
  • Describe and teach the skills and tools that will allow clinicians to personally participate in the process management, patient safety, and clinical QI.

Course Goals

  • To provide current and continually updated information to clinicians for the purpose of maintaining technical skills.
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.
  • To provide cost effective practice patterns with the appropriate utilization of facilities and resources.
  • To provide a framework for appropriate ethical and moral medical decision making.

Course Logistics

Classroom Location

Training sessions will be held in the Capitol View Conference Room at Intermountain Healthcare's central office, which is located at:

Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute
36 S. State Street (Key Bank Tower)
Capitol View Conference Room, 16th Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Session Schedule


  • For external candidates: $1,000
  • For Intermountain employees: fee is waived

Course Schedule

The Clinical Quality Improvement course is a two-day session that is held on Thursday and Friday, and begins at 8:00 a.m. with a continental breakfast, followed by presentations at 8:30 a.m. Sessions conclude each day at 5:00 p.m.

This course has been constructed to help build a common framework for coordinated clinical practice improvement within the Intermountain system.

Day 1 Topical Outline

  1. The Imperative
  2. Policy and Politics Update
  3. The Best the World Has Ever Seen
  4. CQI and Medicine
  5. Intermountain Healthcare's History of CQI and Clinical Programs
  6. Population Health and CQI

Day 2 Topical Outline

  1. The Tools of CQI Activities
  2. Practice the Tools
    1. Identifying a need
    2. Writing a mission statement
    3. Team function and nominal group technique
    4. Build your own storyboard
  3. Analytical Resources and Where to Go to Find Them 
  4. VPR and CQI